Pokémon – The original are the best

Pokémon – The original are the best

Red, blue and yellow are the best editions. In the end, even the initial 151 monsters are accurate Pokémon, everything afterwards is merely unimaginative and boring. The developers are finally nothing even more.

Everything else is certainly rubbish. But why is usually that?

3 years after their amazing debut in Japan. Today pokemon feuerrot rom randomizer is considered the most successful mass media brand in the world – before Star Wars, the series is certainly loved, hated, but still immortal. You just can not get them dead.

Many have been brought closer to video gaming. No wonder, after all, the series continues to be insanely beginner-friendly, irrespective of which era you are in. Talk with the professor, choose your starter, collect eight arena orders, turn into a Pokémon master, prepare yourself. those who board late go through the same thing as all of the veterans.

But the basis for all your success remains reddish colored and blue, their social component, the natural desire of the collecting travel and, to this day, timeless design, they are still considered the ultimate. Although the series has become de facto usually better, many old problems solved and tried brand-new things, boring and also everything is even worse.

The “Genwunner” are generally on the high equine and understand everything better anyway. Who criticizes reddish colored and blue (rightly!) For a whole lot, can hear directly, that you might have no idea. After all, these people have there been at the time and of course it will need to have been like this, because you feel it that way and then of course it needs to be that way, because that is the way it is!

Anyway, as soon as you provide a constructive argument, it simply means: consider the garbage Pokémon. That’s unimaginative.

A bunch of fried eggs, a stone with arms, an upside-down Pokéball, You understand it better.