The Benefits Of VPN

The Benefits Of VPN

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection is used to connect participants of different private networks with one another. For example, a home-based worker can gain access to a computer on the corporate network. He uses the network as if he were connected to his pc as normal with this network.

que es vpnThe VPN functions just like a network cable in the connection, which is plugged into the router of the “foreign” network. The VPN connects the initial network with the additional network, eg the business network. The connection is made with a VPN gateway.

This sounds very complicated at first, but it is not really for the user, since the entire technical stuff is performed by the providers of these services, such as for example que significa vpn . You simply use a software using the pc or an application on the smartphone / tablet and you’re ready to go.

Exactly what is a VPN for my privacy?

Cybercrime can be a booming industry. In contrast, it helps to protect sensitive data such as credit cards data or documents and to prevent misuse. The VPN connection helps here, since the traffic is totally encrypted. So no data can be viewed from the exterior.

Another big advantage is definitely that VPN protects personal privacy and secures the independence of the Internet. It isn’t possible to monitor the web activities by the web service provider or restrict the services used with VPN. The whereabouts stay secret since the IP address remains anonymous. The access into the network occurs via one of several VPN Internet accesses.

Third parties, whether government providers or company employees, have no usage of Internet activity. Information or censorship will be impossible. VPN also offers advantages over the competitor. A competitor can not see and analyze web sites that the VPN consumer appointments, the databases where he or she searches. This occurs thanks to the anonymity of the IP address.

What advantages does a VPN still have?

The security is of program also guaranteed at open public Wi-Fi hotspots. Internet conversation and email messages are encrypted. Also for users from countries whose Access to the internet is normally censored by their authorities, a VPN enables uncensored usage of all websites. This happens by swapping the Ip of the pc in the VPN server with a different IP address.

Take the exemplory case of Through the server places in the USA and in Switzerland, it is possible to access services such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon VOD or Pandora, irrespective of where you live.

Also, the favorite TV channels on Zattoo on the Wise TV, PC, smartphone or tablet can appreciate.

How much will a VPN price?

Since I’ve already mentioned the company Suissl for example, let’s have a look at the costs now there. There are three different prices:

Pro – All-in-one package for just two devices: from 10.00 Euro per month

Easy – starter package for a PC: from 5,00 Euro monthly

Mobile deal for a smartphone or tablet PC: from 5,00 Euro per month

Other providers, such as for example CyberGhost have related prices. I simply wanted to use this example to show that the prices for a digital private network are quite reasonable if you would like to make use of such a service.